The Top 24 Prepper Podcasts to Listen to Before SHTF (2019)

Podcasts have become one of the best alternatives to the radio. You can explore new ideas and use your imagination with your eyes closed. Ruined buildings, post-apocalyptic world, radioactive zone, zombies, EMP attack and all the scariest and deadliest SHTF scenarios.

Without further ado…

Regardless if you are at the beginning of your prepper’s journey or more skilled survivalist, here’s a list of the best prepper podcasts for 2019:

  1. Survivalist Prepper Podcast
  2. The Survival Podcast
  3. The Sheriff of Baghdad Podcast
  4. Contra Radio Network
  5. Modern Self Protection Podcast
  6. The Disaster Podcast
  7. The Prepper Guy Podcast
  8. ITRH Urban Survival Podcast
  9. The Casual Preppers Podcast
  10. Today’s Survival Show
  11. The Fieldcraft Survival Podcast
  12. The Health Ranger Report
  13. The Prepper Podcast Radio Network
  14. Survival and Basic Badass Podcast
  15. The American Awakening
  16. Modern Combat & Survival Podcast
  17. Global Recon Podcast
  18. 21st Century Prepper
  19. Mountain Woman Radio
  20. Mind4Survival Podcast
  21. The Prepper Website Podcast
  22. Rational Survivor Podcast
  23. The Realistic Prepper
  24. J2cast: Prepping Podcast

Sidenote: Some of the podcasts listed here are well established others are brand new and need your support.

Let me know in the comments section what is your favorite prepper’s podcast or episode.

Here’s my message to the entire prepper community:

I’m bugging out now.

P.S. Do you even FIFO?

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